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As a Foodie Club member, you can eat delicious food and get rewarded – what’s not to love?

Savour the flavour and reap the rewards as a proud member of our Foodie Club! Indulge in delicious dishes while unlocking exciting perks through our exclusive loyalty program. With four enticing tiers to conquer, you’ll ascend the ranks of the Foodie Club in no time, making every mealtime stress-free, delicious, nutritious and rewarding!




Create an account
and start earning


Start Earning

Earn points for
following or ordering



Use your points to
save on STFC orders



Climb the VIP tier ranks
for even more perks


Make a

Tier-based point allocation

Review us on
Product Review

100 points

Leave a meal review on our website

50 points

Subscribe to newsletter

100 points

Celebrate your birthday

Tier-based point allocation

Follow us on Instagram

25 points


Flavour Explorer Spend >$299 in rolling 365 day period
Taste Pioneer Taste Pioneers Spend $300 - $899 in rolling 365 day period
Culinary Connoisseur Culinary Connoisseur Spend $900 - $1999 in rolling 365 day period
Gourmet Guru Gourmet Guru Spend $2000+ in rolling 365 day period
Points per dollar spent
1 point
2 points
3 points
5 points
Birthday discount
75 gifted points
125 gifted points
250 gifted points
375 gifted points
Exclusive SMS & Email offers
Early access to new meals
Free Shipping


Give your friends $10 off voucher on their first order and get Referral Points for each successful referral.




We’ve created a comprehensive guide that explores the ins and outs of using your Foodie Club account, including redeeming rewards, understanding tier milestones, earning additional points and other helpful tips & tricks so you can get the most out of being a Foodie Club member!

How do I join the Foodie Club?

Just create an account on our website and start ordering.. It’s as easy as that! Opt into marketing if you’d like to receive special tier SMS and email offers as well as access to early meal releases (depending on your tier)! 

How does The Foodie Club work?

Our loyalty program has four delicious tiers: Flavour Explorer, Taste Pioneer, Culinary Connoisseur & Gourmet Guru. With every bite, you’ll earn points that will take you higher up the food chain. So, whether you’re a casual snacker or a serious foodie, there’s a spot for you at our table. These points can be exchanged for delicious discounts and rewards that we’ll know you’ll love!

What are the four tiers?

There are four tiers to tackle as you climb the Foodie Club food chain:

  1. Flavour Explorer (Bronze): every person that creates an account with us will automatically be placed in our Flavour Explorer tier. You will earn 1 point per $ spent, and get a range of other benefits.
  2. Taste Pioneer (Silver): once you’ve spent $300 in a rolling 365 day period, you will be crowned a Taste Pioneer, where every $ spent, is rewarded double the points of your Flavour Explorer piers. You’ll get more birthday rewards and additional tier-exclusive rewards.
  3. Culinary Connoisseur (Gold): POV, you’ve spent $900 in the last 365 days and are crowned a Culinary Connoisseur… hooray! Every $ you spend is rewarded with a whopping 3 points, and you get even more rewards than your predecessors.
  4. Gourmet Guru (Platinum): Our most rewarded and prestigious tier are our Gourmet Guru’s. These legends have spent $2000+ with us in the last 365 days and are rewarded with a supercharged 5 points for every $ spent (that’s massive savings)!

See the Tier Perks

How long will my tier status last?

Your tier status lasts for a 365 day period. If your spend qualifies you for a higher tier within this time period, you will be upgraded to your higher tier status.

I had an STFC account and received an email that I will qualify for a tier with the new program. How long will I be locked into the tier?

If you already had an account with us, we’ve got good news…you’ll automatically be added to our new & improved loyalty program – YAY! We’ll be qualifying you into a tier based on your spend over the 365 days prior to the launch of the program (spend between 3rd of April 2023 – 3rd of April 2024). This will be your minimum tier status for a 365 day period. The good news is, if you qualify for a higher tier in this time, you will automatically be pushed into your new tier as and when you qualify. 

After 365 days, if you have not entered a higher tier, your minimum tier status will be void and your tier status will take into account your total spend over a rolling 365 day period to that date.

For example, if between the 4th of April 2023 and 4th of April 2024, you spent $750, you will qualify for our Taste Pioneer tier. You will qualify for this tier as a minimum until the 4th of April 2025 (unless your spend increases and qualifies you for a higher tier). If by the 4th of April 2025, you have only spent $200, you will be put into our Flavour Explorer tier. See the Tier Perks to see each tier qualification.

I was a part of the old loyalty program but I haven’t been put into a tier in the new program, why’s this?

There are a few reasons why you may not have automatically qualified for a tier in our new Foodie Club. Let us explain below:

If you did not have an account with us previously (and were checking out as a guest) then unfortunately, you were not automatically transferred to our new Foodie Club. Our previous loyalty program did not require you to have an account on our website (it only required you to be subscribed to our mailing list), but now with our newly upgraded point accrual system, having an account is necessary to access all the additional delicious benefits and rewards. 

The good news? It’s super easy to be a part of the club and we reward our members well! Simply create an account on our website and you’ll instantly qualify for our Flavour Explorer tier, and can quickly ascend the ranks and unlock various delicious discounts from there! The exciting thing? Our new program has endless rewards for you to unlock! Just make sure you are always logged in when you make an order.

If you have an account with us and did not receive an email with your tier, there are a few reasons why this may have happened. Firstly, our emails may be going to your spam – check your spam folder for an email sent on the 3rd of April. Alternatively, you may have unsubscribed / never subscribed to marketing comms, which means you wouldn’t have received any emails regarding our loyalty program or points allocation. If you have an account and feel as though you should have been allocated a tier, feel free to get in touch with us. We’re happy to opt you into our comms and look into this further.

I was a part of the old loyalty program, will my points be backdated?

Our old loyalty program did not have a points system, so we will not be backdating points. We also will not automatically be transferring everyone from the old loyalty program to the new one. See above FAQ for more information on who has and has not been transferred automatically to the new system.

I have two accounts, can I transfer my orders from one to another to reach VIP status?

Your VIP status can only be connected to one account. We are unable to do transfers.

What is the difference between checking out as a guest and checking out from your account?

When you go through the checkout process, there are a few things that will look different when checking out as a guest vs checking out in your account, that you should always look out for.

If you’re checking out as a guest, your cart will look like this:

Additionally, if you click the person icon at the top of our website (next to cart), a login page will appear.

If you have an account and are logged in, your details will be pre-filled and there will be no option to login or create an account. Additionally, if you click the person icon at the top of our website (next to cart), your dashboard and name will appear.

To make sure you’re getting all the delicious benefits each order you make, double check you’re logged in!

What happens if I accidentally check out as a guest?

If you accidentally check out as a guest, unfortunately those points won’t be allocated to your account, so remember to check that you’re logged in before proceeding through the checkout process.

I left a review on Product Review. Why may I have not received points?

Firstly, we want to thank you for leaving a review – it means the world to us! 🌏  There are a few reasons why you may not have got points from leaving your review on Product Review. Firstly, did you access Product Review from our reward page? And were you logged into your account on our website? We encourage you to check both of these things prior to leaving a review to make sure you’re being rewarded your points. 

You can leave as many reviews as you’d like on Product Review, but we limit the rewarded points for this to twice per year. So if you’ve left a review in the last 365 days (since the launch of new Foodie Club), this may be why you weren’t rewarded points. If you still feel like these reasons don’t apply to you, feel free to get in touch.

I left a meal review on your website and I didn’t get points?

Firstly, make sure you’re logged into your correct account. You can leave as many reviews as you’d like, however we only reward points for up to 3 reviews per month. If you’ve left more than 3 reviews in the past month, this will be why you’re not seeing additional points added to your account. If you still haven’t received points for your 3 capped monthly reviews, please get in touch.

If I cancel or get a refund on my order will my points be removed?

Yes, if you cancel your order or get a complete refund, those points will be removed from your account. If a partial refund is processed on your behalf, the full points will be removed, but we will manually top up your points within 1 – 2 working days. If you feel as though these points haven’t been adjusted after this period, please get in touch and we’ll investigate this for you. 

How long does it take for points to hit my account?

Points from a purchase can take up to 24 hours to hit your account. All other point earning activities will be rewarded immediately or within a matter of hours.

I entered my birthday and I didn’t receive points for it. Why is that?

If you enter your birthday and it falls within one month of you creating your account, the system will unfortunately not reward birthday points due to a forced 1 month blackout period from your account creation date. Unfortunately, this is not something we can currently remove, but we can understand that this can be disappointing, so if you’re able to send proof of your birthday to us, we’re more than happy to manually add points to your account!  

I don’t believe I got the full points for my order. Please help.

If you feel as though you weren’t given the full amount of points for your order please feel free to get in touch. Before you do that, just a couple of things we suggest you check. Firstly, we only reward points for your total order minus shipping and tax amounts. Check to see if this is reflected in your account. Please feel free to contact us if you still feel this is incorrect.

How do I redeem my offers?

Use the loyalty launcher to redeem discount codes using your points. These will be sent to your inbox (look out for spam too), as well as immediately show up once redeemed.

Can I redeem points for free shipping?

No. Your Foodie Club points can only be used on the scrumptious STFC meals and snacks that you order! Our Gourmet Guru tier are able to claim free shipping up to an amount of $15 – see FAQ below for more information

What are the Gourmet Guru Free Shipping T&C's?

Our highly-valued Gourmet Guru’s are rewarded with unlimited free shipping up to $15. This amount covers the cost of shipping to most metro areas within Australia. If your shipping cost is more than $15, you will be able to take $15 off your shipping costs, and will just need to cover the difference. Free shipping vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with other discount codes.

Can I use my Foodie Club vouchers with other discount codes?

No, points can’t be redeemed in conjunction with other discount codes. Minimum cart value still applies.

I ordered and the points haven't been updated in my account yet. Why is that?

Points will take a day to hit your account after you make an order. Please wait 24 – 48 hours. After this time, if points still haven’t hit your account, please feel free to get in touch.

I completed a referral and didn't receive points. Why is that?

If you refer another email address with the same IP address as you, unfortunately you will not receive points. If you believe this does not apply to you, feel free to get in touch.

I purchased during a Foodie Club point campaign, but I didn't receive the correct amount of points. Help!

During Foodie Club point campaigns, bonus rewards are credited to your account separately from regular order points. As a result, they may not appear simultaneously. Please allow 24 hours for the any additional rewards to be reflected in your account. If, after this period, you believe the points are still incorrect, don’t hesitate to reach out and we will investigate the matter for you!

Join the Foodie Club: Eat delicious food & get rewarded!