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Introducing Our New Family Feeds Recipe: Beef Brisket Toastie

Elevate your sandwich game with our latest creation – the Beef Brisket Toastie! Perfect for a quick lunch or an easy family dinner, this recipe combines the tender, savoury flavours of our slow-cooked beef brisket with the crispy, golden perfection of a toasted sourdough sandwich. With The St. Food Co., you can enjoy this gourmet delight in no time at all!

You’ll Need:

– Sourdough loaf (or your favourite sandwich bread)

– 1 x The St. Food Co. Family Feeds Beef Brisket


– Tasty shredded cheese

– Traditional pickles

– Slaw

Step 1: Heat the Beef Brisket

Start by heating up our delicious Family Feeds Beef Brisket. A quick trip to the microwave is all it takes to bring out the rich, savoury flavours that will make your toastie truly irresistible!

Step 2: Assemble the Sandwich

Next, take thick slices of sourdough bread and generously layer on the heated brisket. To take your sandwich to the next level, we recommend spreading a generous amount of butter on the outside of the bread and adding a handful of tasty shredded cheese, traditional pickles, and a generous portion of slaw. These additions will provide a delightful contrast of textures and flavours.

Step 3: Toast to Perfection

Place your sandwich in a sandwich press (or hot frying pan). Toast until the bread is golden brown and crispy, and the cheese (if using) is melted and gooey. This step ensures that your beef brisket toastie is warm, crunchy, and utterly delicious.

Step 4: Enjoy

Slice your toastie in half and serve immediately. The combination of tender beef brisket, crunchy slaw, tangy pickles, and melted cheese (if you opted for it) is a match made in heaven. This is comfort food at its finest!

Why It’s a Winner:

Not only is our Beef Brisket Toastie incredibly tasty, but it’s also a quick and convenient option for busy families. Here’s how it stacks up:

DIY Total Time: 20 mins prep +6 hours slow cooking + 10 minutes assembly= 6 hours 30

DIY Cost: $11.70 per serve*

Family Feeds Total Time: 15 minutes

Family Feeds Cost: $6.25 per serve

*When compared to traditional supermarket ingredient costs and preparation time

With The St. Food Co., you can enjoy all the rich, hearty flavours of a slow-cooked beef brisket toastie without spending hours in the kitchen. It’s the perfect way to enjoy a gourmet meal on a busy day.

Order your Family Feeds Beef Brisket today and explore more delightful meal options with The St. Food Co.

Happy Eating!

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