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Two Springhill Farm Slices Join the STFC Snack Range!!!

Serving up a fun twist to our menu, we’re thrilled to introduce Springhill Farm’s Choc Coconut Slice and Lemon Slice, two plant-based joys from their selection.

Welcoming Springhill Farms to the STFC Family

Roll out the welcome mat for the newest members of our STFC snack family! We’re all about bringing you the crème de la crème of munchies, and this time, we’ve hit the jackpot with Springhill Farm’s latest collection of slices.

Springhill Farm is committed to ethical sourcing, with an Australia-first policy for ingredients. However, when they need to go beyond our shores, like for those coconuts, they ensure all suppliers are on board with their ethical and environmental ethos. Not only are these slices a taste sensation, but they’re also vegan, and dairy-free. Plus, no furry friends were harmed in the making, as they’re completely free of animal testing. Snack guilt-free knowing you’re supporting ethical snacking practices.

Choc Coconut Slice – A Tropical Indulgence

Coconut, dates and dark chocolate come together to make this slice one scrumptious little bite! A light and slightly crispy base, lovingly covered in more dark chocolate and sprinkled with delicate coconut shavings. It’s like a decadent little vacation for your taste buds!

Ready to indulge? Order this delicious snack from our menu today!

Lemon Slice – A Zesty Delight

A moment of zesty goodness- perfect when paired with your mid morning coffee or evening cuppa. 

Enjoy the sublime sweetness of the Lemon Slice’s lemony, biscuity base and velvety, zesty white chocolate icing. Springhill Farm has taken a stroll down memory lane and created this slice just like your nan used to make. 

Whether you have a sweet tooth or a fan of healthy vegan slices (or both!), this citrus sensation is sure to add a pop of fun to your snack rotation!

Order this sweet treat today!

We’re delighted to have these tasty new treats on our menu and we’re sure you will be too!

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