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Whether you’re seeking a versatile, flavour-packed protein to enhance your lunches and dinners all week long or aiming to delight your family and friends with effortless and delicious meals, you’re in luck! We’ve got you covered with quick, easy, affordable recipe ideas featuring our Family Feeds dishes!

*total cost per serve of recipe, including roti

This recipe heroes our creamy, aromatic Panang Chicken Curry, and turns it into a golden, toasty hot pocket, bursting with flavour!

You’ll need: 

1 x Family Feeds Panang Curry

1 x Packet of frozen Roti (Find in the frozen section of your local supermarket)

Step 1: Heat

First things first, heat up our delicious Panang curry. Pop it in the microwave for 6 minutes to get it nice and warm, ready to be spooned into your roti pocket.

Step 2: Fill

Once your Panang curry is piping hot, grab a spoon and generously spoon it into a soft and fluffy roti (don’t hold back, you want your pocket to be bursting with delicious curry in every bite!). Now to create the pocket- take another roti and place on top, enclosing the curry. Firmly press the edges together to lock it in!

Step 3: Toast to Perfection

Now, here’s where the magic happens. Place your stuffed roti pocket into the sandwich press. Give it a few minutes and check – the roti will puff up and become a deep golden colour. Then it’s time to plate up- take the pocket off the press and cut in half. We love to spoon a little greek yoghurt or sour cream on top to give it a little fresh kick!

Heat, Fill, Toast, Enjoy!

And there you have it – in just three simple steps, you’ve transformed our Family Feeds Panang Curry into a simple yet delicious meal that is sure to delight your tastebuds! It’s a winner every time. 

But wait, there’s more!

Our roti pocket doesn’t just win in the taste department, it’s also quicker and cheaper than making a comparable dish using supermarket ingredients. What’s not to love?

Total Time: 10 minutes
Total Cost: $4.50 per serve ($23 total)

DIY Total Time: 30 Minutes
DIY Total Cost: $12.20 per serve ($48.82 total)*

*When compared to a Supermarket Panang Curry Recipe Method & Ingredient List Cost

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